Dr. Martens / DM50 Campaign

April 1st, 2010 marked Dr. Marten's 50th Anniversary. Known for their classic 8-eye boot, they are a brand that defines individuality and non-conformism. They've been adopted by various subcultures throughout their history and continue to be a brand synonymous with rebellion.

In order to reinforce their position in the market, herald their connection with music & youth culture, we created a campaign that was rooted in music in order to reinvigorate wearers of old, challenge current perceptions about the brand & their product as well as introduce new consumers to Dr. Martens.

To leverage their heritage in music, we commissioned 10 contemporary musicians from various genres of music around the world to reinterpret cult classic tracks from the brand's history. Video directors were then curated to transform the tracks into music videos. The result was a body of work that illustrated the link to youth culture while celebrating their heritage as well as showcased a range of new product that is currently redefining Dr. Martens.

The tracks & music videos were complimented with an intimate documentary on the artists during the recording process. As a digital based execution the hub of the campaign resides on drmartens.com, where all videos can be viewed as well as free track downloads are available.